Advantage Lite

The Advantage Lite is the most efficient choice for food service area, bars, workstations and kitchens thanks of its grease resistance and superior drainage qualities. You can obtain this kitchen mat in two colors available: black for general purposes and red for multi-purposes. In addition, we offer the most affordable price and best quality of the market. Moreover, its drainage technology is superior to any other product of its type.
Using the black color you can place it in bars, services areas and any non-grease kitchen area. But, red color grease resistant is recommended for light grease usage.
·       This mat is idea for areas near to drainage
·       Tough mats for strong surfaces
Benefits and features
·       Molded rubber mat
·       ½ inches thick rubber
·       Resistant to light grease
·       Anti-fatigue technology to improve workers’ productivity
·       Versions senior and junior
·       Easy cleaning and maintenance
·       In bars
·       Office workstations
·       In kitchens
·       Industrial assembly lines
·       Behind counter zones
·       Dishwashing areas

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